No Comments

My last three posts have been tweeted and retweeted and Facebooked. Parts of my posts have been quoted, even. But there have been no comments on the posts. People have read it, apparently. I am doing something right. I am, perhaps, doing something wrong. If you ask me – and I know you are not – I think I am doing wrong. But, interestingly so, wrong has been relative from the time we have held our senses. I have lost enough readership since the last eight years. In these eight years I have learned, that yours is to write.

I like this wrong.

I think my blog has found its raison d’être.



2 thoughts on “No Comments

  1. You should have closed comments on this one. That would have been perfect. But now that you haven’t, the devil in me can’t let someone else spoil the perfection.

    We have all lost readership. We can’t infer from it anything, really, apart from a phenomenon where people have moved to a new consumption behavior. We’ve stayed the same. And I say it with no regret, like you.



    • It would be wonderful for WordPress to give statistics of the linkage between number of comments to the length of the post. My analysis, is that items that are lengthy and (even) complex are the ones that are losing readership; e.g. I haven’t yet read your ‘short’ story, because it is too ‘long’ – and my posts often require the absence of an agenda when reading.

      Oh, you’ve said it already. Yes, new consumption behaviour. 🙂


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