Remains of the Day: 006

Where you sit and where they are is always a position of varying degrees of conflict. But it need not remain so, unless you refuse to get up and walk around.


Your beliefs, especially about organised religion, will change with time. Ironically, it is defined in how religion is organised. You’ll have to understand the organisation better than the religion, if you ever want to understand religion. We will discover that religion is an abstraction, rather than a discrete form of practice.


Two of your best friends born two days apart, is interesting trivia.


IMG 0492Some folks are really not worth the trouble you go through in life. There is, apparently no specific way to know this; it will hit you unawares, like a hammer one idle drive on the NH17 on a Sunday afternoon in Kashedi Ghat, or somewhere else. Pay attention to those blows on your head.


Death is a word, a concept and an event, but never all of these at the same time. Interpret one for the other and you will have done one of three things: created darkness in your mind, enlightened yourself, or lifted yourself above petty thoughts.


I don’t hate water. I just love mountains more.


The air is dense with fresh opportunities. We have to learn, not to breathe stale fears.


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