Water Hater

It wasn’t the first time I was accused of not loving water. It has happened before. Last week though, it poured around me with crystal-clear icy focus. I confess, I love mountains. I love deserts (though I have never been in one). I love valleys (as long as certain cities aren’t based there — no pun(e) intended). I love roads — any kind – smoothened expressways to bumpy village roads. I especially like ghats (Mountain Roads)

IMG 0421

Many romantic notions are dunked and sloshed in and around water. From private pools to beautiful beaches, and random sprinkling of rain in between, water has been the brand ambassador of the liquid concept of love. Think of rains in Hindi movies, and there’s a good chance that illegal population will soon be +1. Rivers, rains, and all forms of H2O are messengers of love, apparently their fluidity is often mistaken for communicative powers.

Years before, there must have been a reason why our ancestors came out of the water an adapted themselves to land. And now, we try and seem to do exactly the opposite. Water is nice. I don’t hate it for what it is. I like (a little bit of) it in me and I like it (some of) it around me (Conditions apply) – but I do not like water on me for a long time and I don’t like to be in water for a long time. It seems un-natural. While we are at it, I can tell you that while I enjoy disaster movies, I have never liked movies like Hard Rain (1998)2012 (2009)Titanic (1997)The Perfect Storm (2000) and similar movies. At the same time, The Shipping News (2001), Message in a Bottle (1999), and TPOC series has been my all time favourites. Go figure.

But I have significant respect for water, and I am thoughtful about it too. I have been, for a while (this was originally written in 1997, when I didn’t have a blog). My early fascination and respect for water started when I saw The Famine (1980), and dialogue by Anant Nag, “Water; the most intoxicating drink.”

The word “hate” with reference to “water,” when speaking about me, needs a context. And you will have to read the full post, if you want the complete context. You cannot just float over and headline-read any of my posts about water, rains, oceans and other water bodies. You will have to dive, deep.

But we are simple land animals, not complex sea creatures. And we need simple answers.


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