Remains of the Day: 005

A conversation that seemed complete, but apparently not, got completed by an email that followed a while later. But, the conversation is still not complete. That’s one good thing about conversations. They don’t have to end.


Why some people do some things can never be understood. All you can do is accept what you feel about what they do without demanding the truth. Because even truth has shadows. You will never see it all.


There should not be a hierarchy in respect. All you can (and should) do is respect yourself and your values. Everybody around you feels your respect when your self-respect is evident.


If and when love starts being determined by certain events, certain behaviours, and certain words, then it is not love. It is just a phase that you should not fret over.


There’s no such things as “being lost.” It’s just a missing frame of reference. And more often than not, that frame of reference is borrowed; belongs to someone else. It’s nice to be lost, sometimes.


Sometimes, if you lay down all your beliefs on the ground, nicely, one after the other, you will see that there are many that don’t belong to you or those that have been contaminated by others. It’s good to do a clean-up once in a while.


4 thoughts on “Remains of the Day: 005

  1. All such great thoughts and ones I wish I could keep in my head.

    Gaizabonts, I got a request that you would like access to my blog and now I’m left wondering why. I’d appreciate it if you would comment here or write to me at my email which you now have.

    Please do contact me.

    Again and always, wishing you peace, love, understanding and harmony.


  2. Hello Ruby, I wrote, only to get back in touch. I had been recently going through some of my archives and remembered, fondly, the wonderful conversations we used to have. No other reason. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best.


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