Deep Down There in the Blue

She posted this photo to Facebook.

I was worried.

Bhimbetka was a cover up, I have to admit now.

But a cover-up that we were supposed to cover-up.

I cannot hold it any longer. For long, I have held the secret within me – and now it needs to come out in the open. We were surfing the surface of the blue sea — maneuvering through rocky reefs. Perhaps we seemed like an unsuspecting couple and were approached by a two men in black suits – no tie (else I would have known who they were) – who said that they needed us to do something. They injected a very viscous fluid; my left biceps. Suddenly I felt strong – I glanced at her, if this had impressed her in any way. I did not see a positive response. Perhaps, she knew that it was the effect of the viscous injection.

And without warning, they attached a cylindrical gadget to my nose.

“We need you to smell what’s on the rock”, they said. I asked them what rock they were speaking of. The guy on the left with two silver-capped teeth just smiled, as if demonstrating the only wealth he had ever accumulated.

“Of course, if you ever publish this, we will deny it. But we may not have to, actually”, they said, “because you have no idea who we are”. I was dazed. I did not have time to think – as they dropped me in the ocean. I sunk down graciously – smoothly. I’ll admit, fear gripped me like a friend who bear-hugs you – when he sees you after sixteen hours.

Having seen “The Abyss” and many such films of that genre – I wondered how I would survive – in my jeans and my iPod-enabled-Nike. But it was probably that viscous liquid which that helped sub-marine and enabled me to withstand the pressure under deep-water. But as I made my way to bottom of the sea, and wedged myself in this crevice, there I was – smelling the rocks with a smelloscope that they had attached to my nose. It was the sweet smell of being in an exotic place with friends. It doesn’t happen any more. Friends have got busy.

I think the men on the surface could also see the blue-white light, which washed over that deep rock. People on the surface seemed shocked. But I not only smelled, that rock, I discovered great meaning — which thankfully I did not require to report to them.

And I am being tracked by that white light at the bottom of the ocean. I never saw that light (it was behind me, as you can see), but I am glad she took this photograph. Perhaps those that I call my friends will know what it means to be deep down there, being alone, and knowing it all.


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