Dangerous Decisions

Michelle Martin has an excellent post (and I have contributed to it, yes) about dangerous things to do. She lists seven things – but as you read it – you will find your own. Add to her comments if you can think of one (or two, or a few).

There are quite a few articles out there that will tell you the scientific reasons for living dangerously. Frontal lobe thingies, adrenalin pumping, brain atrophy prevention etc. (See the TED talk in Michelle’s post, for example)

But all the scientific reasons in the world come to a nought, if you have been already consumed and further enveloped in the fear psychosis that governs our lives in these times. In such a situation, any list I point you to, may seem merely (and academically) romantic. It is not something that we will actually do, but a thin smile will cross our faces as we ponder and live each dangerous thing in our imagination.

IMG_6907 - Version 2.jpg

And I’ll agree with you that your conviction, by itself, to live dangerously is hardly ever enough. It’s the family, friends, and environments that we live in that makes us hold ourselves back. There is said and unsaid convention to adhere. When (and of course, if) we break that convention and the recommendation of our environment – we may be left with no support system. I can assure you – it is a struggle from then on. But it is an immensely satisfying struggle. Newness abounds and there are interesting things to discover round every corner. Even things that you know seem fresh and abundant of perspective. Your instinct and intuition is fired up; highly sensitised.

The same environment in the new perspective will amaze you.


2 thoughts on “Dangerous Decisions

  1. Agreed, Atul, that it can be difficult to embrace the fear that comes with taking risks. I think you point out one of the main reasons we have a hard time with it–we are afraid we will lose our support systems and be on our own. But I find that often people’s negative reactions to my risk-taking come from the fact that they would like to take these same risks. I’m all for us trying to create community around dealing with those fears and supporting each other in moving ahead!


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