Amongst Other Things

Big preparations for a wedding.

Fuel planning to save Rs. 2 per litre.

Picking up a niece and cousin from two different places on a 400km stretch.

Teaching them geography and cartography skills on the iPad.

Hello to the favourite dal that your aunt makes.

Not being the cousin who stays overseas and meeting another one who does, after a long time.

New members in the new generation making their mark.

Drive down to see ancient temples.

Small accidents.

Fear and relief.

Sorting, re-sorting, labelling, resorting, re-labelling and resorting.

Showing-off your mehendi-drawing skills.

Loving that look on her face.

Flowers, decorations, rituals, food, songs, laughter, gossip, and late-night coffee — not necessarily in that order.

The utter chaos of getting forty of your relatives in a bus at one time.

Escaping the chaos in your own car with the cousin bride-to-be.

Last minute facials.

Micro-managing to a level that you forget the most important things.

Observing the stress on his face.

The further influx of relatives from other towns and cities.

The same questions.

The same answers.

Template weddings.

Template guests.

Achievers, performers, statistics, have-beens.

Then, that moment.

The many moments after that moment.

Catching up on days, months or years.

The sense that it is all done.


And then, it is done.

The follow-up holiday.

The unplanned fun.

The end.




6 thoughts on “Amongst Other Things

  1. Lovely snapshots of the big wedding – loved it even without all the details cluttering up the narrative. The reason this works, I think, is that we have all been there, done these very things, with only the levels of interest, affection and commitment varying – yours came through bright and beautiful!

    PS: Commenting after ages, I know 😛


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