You know those broad, white dashed lines that are (usually) painted on our roads? Yes, those that define the lanes on a road, if it is broad enough? Yes those. Those are the boundaries of a lane. They are not guidelines for you to drive in a straight line. The idea is that you are supposed to drive on either side of those lines; not on them – yes, even when the road curves and turns. Please try and remember that when you drive next time.


There is a crime. There is an investigation. And then, it is all about the quirky guy. The quirky guy is divorced or separated. He has a conflicting romantic interest. He also has a teenage daughter. He is paranoid about what the teenage daughter does. He has a mysterious past. Repeat this story three times. Go Figure.


Some people cannot be helped. They don’t want to be helped.


No matter what tool or technology you have at your disposal, it won’t matter if you will not make use of it. If you really want to do something, you will not need any tool or technology.


It is a good idea to have opinions. It is also a good idea not to have rigid opinions. Every new piece of information can contribute to a richer opinion – there has to be an opening somewhere, though, for this information to seep in.


Every community or region is proud about itself. When two members of different communities face each other – they play oneupmanship in isolation of knowledge of the other community. There is one way you can help improve awareness of the wonderful things your community has done. Translate. Your cultural treasures are locked down to your community, release them through a global language.



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