The World in our Hands

I’ll say it before it goes away.

I love conspiracy theories – and I watched closely – those that were associated with the world cup. SMS messages are the bane of junk conspiracy theories. Call me an old sentimental fool – but the tears weren’t a product of any match fixing. To engage in a conspiracy theory is one thing (I do that); to blankly believe in them is another (it is a symptom of a pathological cynic). I believe we won fair and square – and that is enough. If you have any concocted proof that we did not not – keep it to yourself.

I will not deny that I went through major depression during the match. So much so that I did not cheer at any of the boundaries. I am sentimental and superstitious like that.

But it served me well, in the end. Because I did not allow any esoteric (conspiracy, spiritual, religious, or statistical) belief to rule my sense of belief.

That is why I won – and you lost.


4 thoughts on “The World in our Hands

  1. One need not blindly believe what others say, but when you listen to yourself, it too is saying something.

    And Yes, we are sentimental fools and that is why we do not like to think of the negative for the things/people where our heart lies.

    That’s how we are able to enjoy the moments…


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