10 Years; Few Words

In the last few months, I have visualised this day a number of times. Each time, a different picture emerged. And what I am experiencing today is nothing like all that I had visualised. The feeling is weirder than anything my imagination could conjure.

You do one thing for ten years and then a day dawns when you are not doing that one thing. That definitely counts for weird, in my books.

For those of you who aren’t in the know, I left my job at the company I started with seven wonderful people with nothing but a handful of dreams, a twinkle in our eyes and no resources, but our belief. What this journey was all about is obviously not within the scope of a single post, but suffice it to say, ten years later, I walk immensely rich with the love and learning that has been the continuous yield of this time.

Here’s to each and everyone of you that walked together: love!


8 thoughts on “10 Years; Few Words

  1. “Here’s to each and everyone of you that walked together: love!” – At least for a while, but we walked together and I feel so proud about that, you have been a silent mentor to me, one of my inspirations that I admire a lot, thanks a lot Sir (allow me to say that, this time around), for all the support, encouragement, wonderful moments and memories..here, I wish you all the luck for the path that you have chosen, success is not going to leave you for sure, just one request, always be in touch :)..god bless..!!


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