The Milestone Marker

It was almost like his journey had come to an end. Deep inside, he did not feel it. He knew he had a very long way to go.

Where he stood, he could not see a path, though. He hesitated to take the next step. In that dense fog, he couldn’t see a step ahead, even. What lay ahead, he did not know. Yet, he knew that this was one of the milestones; he was expecting it. But as he stood there, fear paralysed his feet. He stood there, without moving.

What was it that bothered him? He did not know. In recent days, his walk had become drudgery. He had not heard the birds singing, nor had he seen the colour of life that was painted with master-strokes along his weary path. In his deference to move forward towards that milestone that would determine the quality of his journey, he had turned a blind eye to everything. He let out the slightest hint of a smile. Now, when he was ready with open eyes, this fog was almost a wall blocking his next step.


That seemed the only way he could take that crucial step. The mind and the heart are always at war, though. The rational and the unknown vie for a place in our selves in a way that we cannot manage. Each comes with its own value – but they can never agree. Sometimes though – one has to win over the other. And in this victory, one has to support the other – because they belong to the same entity. They can never be undone from the entity – for that would mean the cessation of their existence.

There was no knowledge at the edge. What he sought, was inside and beyond that white blanket that enveloped him.

He took a step with his right foot; stepped in that dense white of a cloud.


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