The Body of Creation

598 posts since December 2003. 599, if you include this one. That’s just one blog (Nah, it’s not an anniversary, but while you are thinking about it, I am 101 behind, for my upcoming 7th Anniversary).

A new-found friend has been devouring posts from Gaizabonts for a while now. She referred to a concept (in her own words) in one of my posts.

These are places where keyword search doesn’t work.

I have no idea which post she is referring to. But if she says I have said it, chances are that I have. I wonder, does an artist (am using a license beyond a poetic one, to proclaim I am one) have a responsibility to remember all that he has created? So if a musical not wafted from the fourth floor at 2AM, does a musician always know it is his composition? Can a painter remember every artwork she ever created? Can a photographer recognise all his photos, even if they have been photoshopped to death?


As a writer person who writes, I cannot recollect everything I wrote; there may be certain phrases, sentences, even passages I will remember — for specific reasons — but the whole body of creation?

Point to Ponder.

PS: I converse with her, and find out that the post she was referring to was Gender Mathematics

PPS: The image is a reference to the context of her post. But, I guess, it has context to this post too.

PPPS: How can you help me write 101 posts before December 28th, this year?


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