Read the title. Read it again. If you haven’t got what I really meant to say, stress on the first syllable. If you haven’t yet got it and are too curious, jump to the end of his post.

This is not the first time I am away from home, far away from home. It is the nth time. But the recurring theme haunts. A few thousand miles away from home, I am the same, yet everything is different. It nags me in a teasing manner. I am thinking of the globe – the map kind of a globe. Am I this far away from where I usually am? Metaphysically, what does it mean – if I close my eyes – am I where I am supposed to be, anyway – or does geography determinate my location? Does location matter? What is the relative position where we stand? What is the absolute position where we stand?

I have sat on benches, in all the places that I have travelled, far and wide. This one question’s answer has eluded me.


6 thoughts on “This-location

  1. measuring distance with fingertips as if to defy distance itself… how often have we done that when we are at the wrong place at the wrong time. i so like this post..
    and i hope you are back where you belong before you know:)


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