Slow Down

We are more likely to exclaim how half the year is already past us, than to take time to articulate a few wonderful events that may have come to us in those six months. We are governed by speed. Impatience as one recent advertisement says, is the new virtue. It is extolled. The days continue to have the same twenty-four hours, but we are unable to squeeze in as much as we used to, once.

At a wee hour in the morning, we see the clock and realise, it isn’t late night.

Our actions are dictated by instant gratification, now that we have the most powerful tool at our disposal. Friends are instant, of all things, that you can acquire quickly. Some of these are of course are lost as quickly. Knowledge is acquired at the speed of a click. The hyperlink is the new currency.

That’s how we have remoulded our lives. Because we put it in the fast lane. We seem to live our lives as if we know how much time we have, and there is very little of it left. It is the proverbial fast running to be in the same place. The larger world around us hasn’t changed as much we make it out to be; it’s just that we stand more exposed than before, to those changes. Those changes are influencing us, rapidly.

Energy Express, Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Lonavala, MH, India.jpg

And in that early morning hour, when we see the clock, we wonder who we have become and where we are; if, i.e., we are able to recall what we set out for, in the first place.

It’s time to slow down.


4 thoughts on “Slow Down

  1. I came to know about your blog through Asuph’s blog long time ago and reading since then.
    But I wanted to leave reply today because this post about slowing down is so nice.
    I always felt that internet is making me as travelling in fast train and looking out of window. I can see the images but very very few of them left impression on me.

    But this blog ‘slow down’ is really wonderful.It is very necessary to have this approach to know the essence of what we are doing.

    Beautifully written.


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