Remains of the Day: 004

I think I had very high expectations when I started this series of compressing a month into a post. Not the expectations that I’d actually write about the remains at the end of the month, but the running serial number. I used three digits. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was hoping to write for at least 999 months. Haven’t managed to write that many posts in six years, but, well.

I was at loggerheads with most of the population lamenting the onset of the monsoons. I have a different relationship with the rains, one that many don’t agree with. Thankfully these were delayed by a week or so.

A significantly huge decision went on hold for various reasons. I wonder if that’s good or bad. Unfortunately we can never tell when we need to know. You always get to know the effect of situation only when everything is done and completed, and then it only has academic interest. I guess, when we have many such incidents, we become advisors and consultants. Some call it experience.

Deaths and births continue their dreary and happy journey; deaths in the generation before you and births in the generation after you. Because of the deaths in the generation before you, there is not much of a chance of a birth in your generation, but when a death occurs in your generation, it is unnerving.

There were many upsets in the FIFA world cup, nothing upset me however, because I am not following it. I have found that I cannot watch any sport dispassionately and that usually causes angst. While I haven’t played anything much for a long while now, I’d prefer playing than watching. There is purposeful passion in that, methinks.

A Bit of a Blur

Most of all, June jolted me out of the sense of Weltschmerz, which I was not aware of. There was a blissful ignorance of the lack of awareness of the world I lived in. There is a sense of braided sense of fear, excitement and curiosity that wraps me now. It’s a wonderful feeling to be learning again; most of all, it is a wonderful feeling to recall how you learnt within a structure and out of it — and think about how you will learn hereafter. There’s unlearning, relearning and learning, all at the same time.

June did justice, you could say.


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