Writing on the Wall

Amit makes, according to him, an unstructured and a self-contradictory point about an Edge Question, about “How is the internet changing the way you think?

In spite of his conclusion, it is a point well made. I’d urge you to read his post.

In my comment to his post, I assured him that there was a point there somewhere, though I couldn’t point out the point when I made that comment. Two of my posts came to mind while I was reading his post. One was An Asynchronous Evolution and the other was Of Slow Blogging and Active Participation.


Stone Papyrus

To my mind – the most we have been affected is by way of diminishing attention spans. The theory of consuming everything in a bite-size, denies us a whole meal – an inability to stay with a thought for a time long enough to make sense.

This (and a few recent) post is proof enough. Malnutrition, of sorts.


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