My Line about Myelin


Whatever you do, wherever you go, that is one word that chases you to the far reaches where you choose to hide. On my blogs, that’s one thing that I am not doing. If my blogs could sing, right now they’d be singing “Sparrow in the Storm”, by Labi Siffre.

In the beginning lives the end

Can the foe become your friend?

Easy answers there are none, though

Frightened grown-ups search for one

In these broken bloody times

We need more than TV smiles

Behind the eyes the door is tight shut

Behind the makeup, just more makeup

It seems, often, what might be important to me may not be of much importance to those who read. Or, I make such a mess of a simple idea, that I complicate it beyond comprehension. Or, it is so important that it cannot be trivialised by putting it up on the blog.

It could be about travel – and that is what this blog was really supposed to be about – physical travel, but it has turned out, I am a really bad travel writer. I think it’s about writing about How to get there and what to do there, but there is enough of pedia-kind-of-sites out there for those sort of things. In some ways, however, this blog is about travel: a different kind.

I wrote about issues. Things that affect us at large, but then, it was vitriolic and spewing rancour at best. It didn’t quite help since I usually felt even more helpless after those posts. It’s not that I am not concerned, but I seem to be less bothered writing about them.

I have written a lot about friends and conversations. Those are the things that I enjoy the most. And it is funny that I haven’t written about meeting two new people in recent times. Each of them deserves a post (at least), so I shall refrain from writing more about that here. But it is quite impossible to write about friends and conversations, because in these days, friends are far and conversations are few.

Perhaps I could write about that.

This time the words aren’t as treacherous as the thoughts that refuse to slide down my hand and make the creative dance with my fingers on the keyboard.

As the birthdays come and go

The more I understand, the less I know

As the birthdays come and go

Only one thing I know

That, write I must, I realise now. Especially after I read this note from Robert Genn.

I should be writing my lines, if I want to build myelin.


10 thoughts on “My Line about Myelin

  1. Genn’s comment should reverberate among quite a few people.

    Does the best kind of writing about travel involve creating work that is extremely personal & yet, instantly empathisable (if there is such a word) ? If you haven’t, read Pico Iyer’s Falling off the Map and Seth’s From Heaven’s Lake, for clarification.

    Your writing tends to be dominated by the abstract, which, on the subject of travel, is a difficult style to balance. On the other hand, thank heavens you don’t write like Theroux 🙂


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  3. behind the makeup, just more makeup. That line rocked, thanks for sharing..and I also love the introspection in the para that immediately follows..

    I am glad I am getting to read all these good posts I missed.


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