There’s Hope!

There are times when things seem so futile.

It is one thing for us to find inspiration, motivation and their other cunning absconding cousins. It is yet another to identify where we stand and what we are getting away from.

For the life of me, I do not remember when I checked my position. My standing was always amniotic-ally swimming between now and later. Where I could go vs. Where I am. What I could do vs. What I am doing. Somewhere between these time-lapse-questions, lie our standards.

Come, visit the imaginative visual gymnasium with me.

At the nadir, you have all that you are, all that you have achieved. All that is a static quality, as Robert Prisig determined. At the zenith is all that you strive for. All you ever wanted.

In the middle, is where you are.

In Bullet Time

Recently, an allocated and unsupervised work landed on my desk. I once said, “Discrete entities in my environment that practice and promote (and often celebrate) mediocrity are examples that cause disillusionment; de-motivation, and a sense of being stranded.”

No more.

There is reason to believe that there are speckles of genius out there. They may come in small packages or in the most unassuming sort of ways. Yet, one submission from them makes you think that all that you fought for is worth it. I would visualise it this way:

The lonely warrior, standing tall in an expansive field of low yellow grass, with his striving sword drawn dripping the blood of all the mediocrity, losing the battle against the vast purposeless armies of pedestrians. Bleeding at his arms and tired at his limbs that hold him erect only because he has purpose and they do not.

Then, as this warrior is about to fall, far from the fading horizon she gallops in to the frame of reference. She has a sword that strives for much more. The sword is capable and sharp. Sharper, longer and with more metal, she wields the sword. The armies watch in horror of the massacre that is to follow, more so because he escapes the weariness.

His sword finds further purpose and conviction.

As much as I dislike the word, there is hope.

I once made a block-quote that not many noticed.


2 thoughts on “There’s Hope!

  1. I am intrigued – a little tickled too – to see how you diligently self-reference. Notice how this post refers an older post, which is a one-liner that references a third? 🙂 The web of thoughts that’s one’s mind is beautiful, no?

    That said, you’ve got to be given due credit for referencing others – known, unknown and waiting in the wings. 🙂

    Still, I find the mind-mapping very interesting, and perhaps one of the highlights of this particular blog-space.



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