It has been a while now that I have been thinking about five words. I was well advised to sweep away any thoughts on these — I was gently reminded that I could ignore, without repercussion, the original words that made me think about these five words. I made the choice. I did not discard my thoughts about the five words; but I abandoned any thought of the words that caused this five words to hover around me.

They stayed with me for a while, scoffing, half-expecting me to grab them by the neck and seek answers from them. I did not. For once, I did not give in to the sweet temptation of wringing their necks. This one time, I thought I’d allow them to perform their rowdy dance and tire themselves to death; all the while watching them and shovelling all the attention that they were seeking.

It worked.

Those five words aren’t important.

The journey they have caused me to travel is important, and a significant one, at that. There is knowledge and awareness, now, of how those words — and all the emotional burden that they created — was unwarranted.

There is a lightness of being.


7 thoughts on “Shine

  1. I think those five word were introduced into your thought process for the very purpose of making you experience the lightness of being.

    Everything here is a for a reason.


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