A Six-year Non-ceremony

The day of the ceremonial post is past. Or, so I think. I had once written about the fancy of well rounded numbers like one, three, five and ten. Unlike four and six. Earlier I had called it the classic rounding-off trap.

There isn’t much to celebrate this year. I have written only fifty-six posts this year, which is quite pathetic by my earlier standards. When you consider all the thoughts I thought were blogworthy, it is really pathetic. Like when I magically reached the five-hundredth post on the day I completed five years of this blog, the average was a hundred posts a year. I have obviously not been maintaining standards.

I could blame it on Twitter, but, Mahendra, wrote recently wrote about “Blogging Highlights of 2009, Challenges & Thoughts for 2010”, in which he puts me in a list of folks who are “fairly regular at blogging as well as online social networking in one form or another.” Notwithstanding what I think, I trust his opinion.

Twitter apart, I have been all over the place doing this mega-yatra of everything Web 2.0. I think that took a lot of time away from me this year. If it was launched, I signed up. Towards the end of the year, the carpenter in me said, “Great, you have all the possible tools a carpenter can have. Where’s the wood?”

Wooden Shades

If the last month is any indicator, I have not been doing well at any of the social places. But then I was away for a while and my mind has been away for a while longer. Blogging remains the only one thing which makes continues to make sense.

2009 has been a very good year for me. I went through significant turmoil on pretty much everything in my life – in a good way. I found time for myself after a very long time and am quite excited and happy about that.

In summary, not much to celebrate here for the sixth year as such, so head out and do your thing for the long weekend. Ours is 4-day long!

You’ll be seeing me.


6 thoughts on “A Six-year Non-ceremony

  1. In my opinion and observation of a very small sample size, I think blogging in general has been a very slow activity.

    I have to admit, only very few blogs remain worthy of time and thought. Yours continues to be so. That should speak for itself.

    I am going to celebrate your sixth year of blogging and hope that you continue to write in this medium.


  2. Lol @ where’s the wood.

    We’re two birds of the same feather, no? Just when I though I’m on every web2.0 thingy that I should be on, I added postreous and tumblr, and a few more …


    Let’s hope 2010 is the year we pick up the wood.



    • 🙂

      I would imagine so, @ feathers. What I like about what I have done, is that, I have been there (the e-social world), experienced it, to be able to comment on it.

      2010 is definitely about the wood!


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