A Three Day Schizophrenia

I am enjoying the cosmic conspiracy — whether it exists or not. The message is clear, but I am not yet ready to pronounce it. They are still conspiring to see how to get me to that. I met with a couple of people for a formal drink. Conversation made it a social drink, and becoming friends removed any adjectives associated with drink.

One more time, repeat after me: responsibility is the ability to respond. I have said it before and I will say it again — till you know that these aren’t just words. How you act on this defines your understanding. No, is a perfectly acceptable answer. Yes, is, even.

Being judgemental is not wrong. Not allowing your judgement to change, is wrong. If, with time and circumstance, you do not allow your old judgement to change, then you are biased to parameters which you understand. Your weights and measures are limited, and so are you.

I love my Mac.

Someday, when no wires exist to bring you connectivity or power, who will you find fault with? If things still go wrong, how will you repair wireless?

Family rocks.

Being together for twenty-five years rocks too. Especially if no one can tell you have been together for twenty-five years. For a few, each month shows up as a discernible wrinkle. For the select few, time softens the wrinkles of compromises, arguments, anger and frustration.

Government doesn’t have good intent towards the people. A recent flyover that opened without fanfare stands tall as the epitome of this mal-intention.

At the end of the three days, I saw Inglourious Basterds (Review) on Sunday. One thing Google cannot find for you is if a movie is interesting because it is interesting or because of the people you see it with. Or can it? You will never know.

Most things you will never know.

And that doesn’t kill you.


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