The Portal


Sometimes all you need is a point from where you can look out. When what’s in is disturbing, depressing and dissonant to your beliefs and values, all you need is a place from where you can look out.

For one, it allows you to ignore the dark of inside. And for another, it allows you to see all that is possible — whether in reality or in imagination.

And though you can’t do it forever — because you cannot escape and you will eventually have to do an about-turn and see inside — it allows you to go quiet inside and consider the possibility of forgiving it, rather than fighting it.


4 thoughts on “The Portal

  1. in a sense, i agree. there used to be a time when i would look out, literally, at a regular time of the day. it would go on and on, until there was nothing more to really ‘see’ and the mind would naturally start looking inward.
    and yet, sometimes i feel it can be the other way too – when what is out is disturbing, it is the inside that shows the light.


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