Six Schizophrenic Speculations

Secrets, like anything else, must have a philosophy. So must, their lesser cousins – gossip. What makes them go around (or not). One conversation about secrets and their governing psychology isn’t enough to understand them.


For every heart that found happiness because someone followed it, there are thirty-two who followed their heart and wished they had not. The environment we live in was built for the agile mind, not for the pure heart.


I have come to enjoy threats — uttered or otherwise. They are amusing. if you do the Neo thing and fly into the threat and shatter them from inside into badly formed green-grey graphic plates flying in space, you see the insecurity that envelopes the threat-maker.


Our rebellious nature is a slave of the unproved conspiracy theory that the world is out to get you. We need the cocktail of Rand and Nietzsche to arm us to put down Freud.


There is only one way to know your best friends. They will come home or call you at the right time. Your one post may go without anyone understanding it: but one call, at the instant you click “publish” is worth the post.


You never have a sixth speculation available when you have already decided that the title of the post will be Six Schizophrenic Speculations, for alliteration sake. You just have to fill it up — to make sense. In any case, the last one is the one that you can never express, only experience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


12 thoughts on “Six Schizophrenic Speculations

  1. i like the sixth one the best! schizophrenia is funny, you never know when a person crosses the so called ‘line’…i liked this post. been wandering too much in the real world, and missed this space.
    actually, i saw this post on facebook and then came here. how do you do that?


  2. Beautiful post! I have almost nothing that I can say at this point, but I know that these six will be ringing in my skull for the whole day today! (2 and 4 ring a ting ting that I really enjoyed, awesome stuff!) 🙂


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