The Joy of the Journey

The surroundings were ever changing. The leaves changed their shades of green. The birds were different from those that he had seen when he started. Even the ground that he walked on changed texture with every mile that covered in his journey.

He used to notice all of these small changes as he moved forward. The changes used to bring a small smile to his face as he walked past, acknowledging the change.

For a few miles now, however, it all seemed the same. There was a continuous feeling of sameness that enveloped him. Was it his eyes, he wondered. Am I unable to see the changes? Or have the changes stopped? He even questioned the path he was walking on, but that would not help. The path he had chosen did not assure him of any changes or of sameness. Thinking about the path would not help him know if things had stopped changing or if he had stopped noticing.

Is change necessary?

That, perhaps was the better question. The quality of your question determines the quality of your answer.

My journey is one of happiness, he said to himself. And whether there is change or not, the purpose of the journey is to experience joy. So, whether change was necessary or not, it depended heavily on whether he experienced the joy he was seeking.

He nearly laughed out loud. The question that this answer posed, was something he could not think about. It was time for his heart to break its long silence.

Was he enjoying this journey?


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