You will talk with people, people will tell you things. Will that change the way you look at things?


Or will it change the way you look at people?


10 thoughts on “Peoplespective

      • I am going to start with the presumption that forming an opinion is what we do fundamentally. Judgment follows opinion formation.

        Sometimes we are open to a new thought or a new view point. We allow ourselves the freedom of thinking/approaching an idea differently.

        Sometimes we are not so open. Sometimes when people tell us things, we outright judge these people ( look at them differently) because their though processes don’t match ours. Not necessarily in a negative way.


  1. Interesting you don’t mention it changing the way you look at yourself. Would that speak more of you, or the people? Or the thing in question? You tell me 🙂



  2. In this particular case, in that instant, looking at yourself is a constant, of sorts. Unless you do either, you cannot look at yourself any differently, no?

    There is another Gauri who frequents this blog-with-the-weird-background-colour. If you are not that one, Welcome to Gaizabonts!


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