A French View

My blog-addiction was under control for a while. Gladly, I lost control.

Defying concern that the folks at WordPress might actually limit the number of blogs I can have, I have started yet another blog.

A View from the Top

This one is interesting. I have started learning French and have chosen not to attend classes. Yes, there are other sites out there (and I’ll link to these resources as I find them — and as my need to learn more French grows), but they are mostly structured — usually in the same way. Greetings, family, check-in to a hotel, ask for a taxi.

What if I am not travelling to France or a French speaking country? What if I want to learn to write poetry in French or watch French films without sub-titles? What if, I want to write a blog in French?

This one is a double experiment: Learning the French language and Exploring how you can learn a language through Web 2.0 — through people who are learners or teachers or just plain old you and me (who know or are interested in French). I plan to leverage all possible Web 2.0 means to learn French. Twitter. Facebook. Goodreads. Blogs. Google (I have been warned against translate.google, though).

I believe in the Web as it is today. I think I’ll learn well. I may not learn it quickly, but it will be a fun experience and more-so — a very fulfilling experience. In any case, I do not have a deadline. I am not going to France soon (but hey, I already have learnt useful French phrases).

So if it sounds interesting (whether the experiment, the language or the experience), I’ll be Learning French


11 thoughts on “A French View

  1. très bon! très bon! idée géniale vérité!

    okay back to english before I go overboard…hehe.
    But this looks like a genuinely good idea! I’ll be eagerly following ilearnfrench 🙂

    oh! and btw if you see someone, who could do with some spit and polish on his french too (even if his english is not too good and 50% of his sentences are in parentheses) you know you could always skype him a yo! 🙂 (ah! forget it, he will skype you one cause you’re going to be “trop occupés” 🙂 )


    • I love the, “he will skype you one cause you’re going to be “trop occupés””!!! It is such an ironically beautiful paradox. That will be the day, my friend.

      But, yes, if I see that certain someone, I’ll say salut!


  2. Ok nice blog, a blog in French 🙂 That’s nice 🙂 I am learning French and so I was trying to converse in French with you. By the ways its nice meeting you 🙂 I’ll visit your French blog and will comment on it. You can visit my blog too!! I hope you will like it 🙂 tc Cheers


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