Notes for the Future

I believe in the future
I may live in my car
My radio tuned to
The voice of a star
Song dogs barking at the break of dawn
Lightning pushes the edge of a thunderstorm
And these old hopes and fears
Still at my side

~ The Cool, Cool River, Rhythm of the Saints, Paul Smon

More GIMP Experiments

Some friends aren’t supposed to be friends. They start off as someone else in your lives. Over a period of time they become friends — without ceasing to be who they are. The continue being both. And even if they do not remain, they always remain faithful to who they are in your life.

Even if you are Toyota, you can never be perfect. Everyone has a long way to go. Mostly because humans have a long way to go. An attempt to be perfect will always be incomplete because of man’s limitation and flaws.

Fear of failure can singularly break you backbone at every step. Life is uni-directionally planer and not multi-directionally spherical as most of us make it to be. They taught us just half of it. It’s not enough to face up to your fears — you need to vanquish them — if you ever want to go ahead.

The larger the superstores become, the quicker your checkout. Slowly but surely you will shop for ten items or less and pay in cash.

Because weekends mean the same thing to most people — your weekends will stop making sense and you will stop thinking about and looking forward to weekends. Or not. If you are most people.

Discipline won’t get you any further, faster; it will, however, stop you from going back and wasting precious time on things that you shouldn’t be wasting time on.

In the end only a few sentences from time will be the clearest memories. What you will want to hold on and cherish is the complete feeling and sense of belonging to a time. It is pretty useless to try and remember every detail from time.

What people think of you isn’t who you are. That is their perception; it emerges from their own belief systems and insecurities. If you have seen people change, use them as markers for your own: so that you may stay true — as much as possible.


2 thoughts on “Notes for the Future

  1. Future is just present delayed a bit. So I guess these are as much notes for the present as the future?

    Very Richard Bach’ish, the notes. Loved them. The last is priceless.



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