There was a time when I used to toss utter disapproval in the general direction of a few fellow-bloggers who were lax in updating their blogs. Most, often complained of being busy. And I usually responded with a mild reproof to that response. There is no such thing as not having time; you have to make time. (Certain dialogues from a late-80s film that you watched many a time, while young and learning to shave, stick with you forever. We are all forgiven for that)

And here I am, pretty much in the same boat, except it isn’t exactly the same boat. (The boat’s the same, the same is proverbial) But I am not making the time-tested lack-of-time excuse. I just don’t write anymore. Except when I write about not writing, i.e.

Thankfully, no one chides me for not writing as often. Except a few. Actually – just a couple. One, to be frank. If you minus me, of course. But that would make that two, if you did include me.

And here I am. And I got here somehow and got back anyhow. I left this place for a while, kept coming back, got addicted elsewhere, got into rehab without knowing it and rode many adventures that eluded awareness, though the experience is present and intact.

It seems we are sometimes doomed to wander. Do things that are completely irrelevant – if only to know that there was a path that wasn’t to be.

Sometimes we are able to make it back to route that would take us to the place where we wanted to be; sometimes we lose our way and get somewhere else. It is not always a bad place – this somewhere else. But only if we allow ourselves to let go of the fantasy of the place where we wanted to be, else we never enjoy being somewhere else, even if somewhere else is a nice place to be, because we yearn for the place we wanted to be.

One way of being happy in any place is not to want to be anywhere in particular, because then there will be no aspirations. But it may not work at all, because not wanting to be anywhere will not make you want to go anywhere. And if you do not move, because there is nowhere you want to be, you will probably be nowhere, which means that you will not be anywhere and you will never value being anywhere because you wanted to be nowhere in the first place.

So it is good to want to be somewhere and yet allow yourself to get somewhere else (altogether) and enjoy that place where you are. But if that somewhere else does not make you happy, it is important to start wanting to be somewhere else (whether its the place you wanted to be in the first place or a completely new place).

Someone said that the journey is more important than the destination. Something about this sentence irks me. The purpose of a journey is to reach a destination. Enjoying the journey is an option, which you may (and should) fully exercise. The purpose of a journey can never be fulfilled if you never reach the destination. It is a state of being not-there, when you want to be-there. You cannot enjoy a journey forever. You may choose to go to a new place after you reach the place where you want to be and restart enjoying the journey to go somewhere else.

But sometimes you get so lost in enjoying the journey that you miss the the place you wanted to be and you pass it by. You cannot always return back to the place you wanted to be and you are now somewhere else. You are without a destination and without a journey (because now that you have missed the destination, the journey has no purpose and without purpose it ceases to exist).

Where you are, then becomes the destination and the start of a new journey.

*The title is a mash-up of Destination and Journey. It has nothing to do with Destiny, which is a predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power or control.


8 thoughts on “Destiny*

  1. There seems to be some underlying metaphysical hyperlink between our thoughts. The day you tweeted “the day will come, but today, it is not that day”, I was writing about Groundhog Day.

    Now, when I finish writing about a man without a destination who loses himself in various journeys in La Dolce Vita, I come here to find you writing about journeys, destinations, and getting lost in between.



  2. More than one or should I say two if I include you want you to write more. I know that for a fact.

    Wandering is good. As long as you know you were wandering. You always have baseline to come back to. Or atleast a pre-determined destination. A happy place like you call it.

    Determining whether this place is in fact happy is a function of our perspective. Which is broadened or more informed post experience. Hence making the journey essential. I think one needs purpose. A journey provides one that. It is the purpose that provides pleasure.

    One needs to know what got them where they are and what took them away. What was more enjoyable. What is infact that happy place. The spot one wanted to be. Or the spot one wandered to.


    • I don’t know about the ‘more than one’, but I’ll take your word for it.

      We don’t always realise we are wandering, sometimes we think we are on the path. We get to know late into the journey. The last paragraph reminds me of Morpheus’ dialogue in The Matrix! Very true!


  3. Reading this post seemed as if one started at point A, went round and about and eventually landed at A’, which is somewhat similar but not the same as A. 🙂
    It was a good read.


    • Somewhere in between reading you comment, for a split second, I went into a loop too! 😀 I guess while doing the round and about, Place A, changed complexion a bit.

      TY, nice to hear from you, been a while.


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