Fluttering Thoughts

This time around, she didn’t challenge me. But a gentle conversation was good enough to push me into writing a very satisfying post, after a long time. In recent times I have not liked what I have written, here. There is a tense tentativeness in the thoughts.

In any case, it seems that I am forgetting the advice from Forrester, and waiting for the clear thought to permeate a cloudy head.

And for the same reasons, I have begun wondering if there is anything called the clear thought, in the context of expressing one. Is this the only noun doomed to be celibate? Never to have a perfect adjectival companion?

Thoughts, at best are caterpillars ā€” they carry within them the future expression of beauty. But unless expressed, they remain just that – ugly, creepy creatures.

Thoughts should aim to become butterflies.


10 thoughts on “Fluttering Thoughts

  1. Gibran once said ‘Every seed is a longing’. I think of that when ideas float around deliciously… the ones that one thinks are bloggable but never feel right when they’re on screen. Understanding that not every seed is meant to fulfill it’s potential is something any writer could think about, I suppose.
    i.e. no pressure šŸ™‚


    • A wonderful thought. Somewhere along the same lines, Richard Bach said, “Commerce is idea and choice expressed. Look about you this moment: Everything you see and touch was once an invisible idea until someone chose to bring it into being.”

      I agree, “not every seed is meant to fulfil it’s potential”, but a writer should not let go of a seed just because he or she thinks so. You never know what might happen. It might find it’s sense of being in a way that the writer has not imagined!



  2. Sometimes those thoughts come back in dreams or other ways. I think we can have some faith that they linger inside of us and can rise to the surface again, when we need/let them.


    • They do come back. I think so too. Sometimes I faintly recognise them. But time and travel change their complexion a bit and they aren’t exactly the same. Sometimes we don’t recognise them, though they are the same.


  3. it takes a simple, light thought to become a butterfly. one that leaves behind different layers on different people’s fingers as they slip quietly by.

    and yet have the same effect.


  4. See I like possibilities. I like the idea of caterpillars, because if these creepy crawlies didn’t exist we wouldn’t have butterflies.

    Little TLC for what exits (read creepy crawlies) will lead to the butterflies.


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