Remains of the Day: 002

When I wrote Hello, Books, a few days ago, there was that excitement of having read a book after a long time. Amply evident, I guess. It even spawned a good conversation, like most books are supposed to.

Then, yesterday, I blogged about cosmic conspiracies. The theme of books continued. I recently also called off a fiery and an impetuous love affair with Twitter. Some of you may have noticed that I have made frugal, my space in Facebook.

Today, my computer crashed, taking along with it everything that I had put there, all these years. Such an event usually triggers a tsunami of anxiety within; often in a way that I cannot contain or control. No chance of recovery, they said. Have to replace.

I do not know why, this time, I was pretty nonchalant (for me, i.e.). Even when the engineer said it would take half a week, before I got an empty computer back, things didn’t quite bother me. Perhaps, it was because, after the last time this happened to me, I mutated into a backup Nazi. In spite of this, I was randomly accessing what I had done in the last fortnight, which may have missed my backup schedule. Nothing critical came to mind. A few emails here and there, which I could manage.

A doctor and a friend (two different people) once told me that falling sick is your body’s way of telling you to stop, or at least slow down. A way of telling you to take rest.

I have to learn to put advice in context and write complete posts.


11 thoughts on “Remains of the Day: 002

    • Ah! I really meant that the passion for Twitter is all off now. I am not “off” Twitter. Sorry about that. The point is: remain connected, without being attached.

      Also this ‘disaster’ has helped me get off the desk. Guess I will start making all investments in mobile gadgets work for me. Am up and running as always!

      Am replying to this comment via mail. It’s the first, so let’s see how it turns out.



  1. A similar ‘disaster’ happened to me when something went wrong with the software of my mobile and i lost all numbers and some 800 messages! surprisingly, i was nonchalant about it. maybe it was an indication that i had to get over the past and things which i was unnecessarily attached to.

    it gave me a chance to start afresh and learn to be detached.


    • Seems that’s the only way to interpret it, yet, I don’t think I am giving up on backups. In fact, this incident has made me even more fanatic about backing up.

      But, yes, there is a feeling of freshness after such an incident.


  2. This almost seems like a by-law from Murphy’s laws. The more you engage in connecting the more your methods crash. 🙂

    Somehow I feel I didn’t miss much by never getting involved with Twitter.


    • I wonder if the “you” in your comment is me or it addresses people at large. 😉 I guess, the point is in being connected – more methods don’t ensure better “connectivity”. Therefore, I can tell you that you did not miss much. Twitter has it’s own pluses, but for me, it doesn’t beat blogging (it wasn’t meant to anyway)


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