Coincidental Conspiracy

I am beginning to like the cosmic conspiracy theory. (It’s called coincidence, in English). It hasn’t (yet) conspired a sea change in my life, but the small things that happen together or in succession catch my attention. Perhaps, I have become less dismissive and more aware of noticing apparently related events. Perhaps I am connecting up unrelated events and getting all excited about it.

In February I had a vociferous argument about the beauty of poetry;
In March, I bought a book of selected essays by Rabindranath Tagore;
In April, I received a book of Bengali poems translated in English, to blog about.

I am enjoying it.

And unconnected to the above coincidence, I voted today.


4 thoughts on “Coincidental Conspiracy

  1. I enjoy the dance in your head at times. It makes me laugh and ponder. It amuses me and makes me think.

    I don’t believe in coincidences. I think everything happens for a reason. I think actions start cascade of events and they lead to more events and then things start to make sense and we call them coincidences.

    In all this I am very glad you voted. Are you happy with the results of the elections?


    • Thank you. I like that dance too. It is what, I think, helps keep my sanity at times; lose it at times. All good and works for me.

      I believe we do not understand the reasons, that is why we call them coincidences. If we did understand the reasons, we would be very clinical in evaluation incidences as cause and effect.

      I am very glad I voted. And yes, very happy @ results. 🙂 Sorry, this response took time. It needed some thinking.


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