An Evening Present

Humans are suckers for companionship.

Time with friends is precious, and the cost of this time is the time spent gathering friends to have time with friends. Then, one day, the cosmic conspirators finally have mercy on you. They open up a small window and sprinkle their potion on all that were supposed to be together. Right in the middle of the week.

There is laughter and an unburdened presence of those present.

Keep the Faith - 4

There is nothing of that evening that you can really write about, because nothing happened. It is an event that was eventless. Nothing important is talked of. There is no plan. There isn’t an agenda. There is only being together. Right up to the moment that you hit the bed that evening, everything is fine. Everything is fun and just perfect. All you do is murmur a silent thank you and slip into blissful sleep.

Humans are suckers for companionship. They can’t help but think:

Can you imagine us years from today,
Sharing a park bench quietly
How terribly strange to be seventy

~Old Friends, Simon and Garfunkel

For once, it doesn’t matter. This is a rare evening. It remains with you forever.


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