Remains of the Day: 001

The Divider

And we are here. This is the place that we finally end up.

Or is it.

Someday we have to ask ourselves. Why we are here. What brought us here. What steps we took, that got us here. How many of those were our doing, how many were beyond our control? How have we dealt with all the guilt that we have accumulated over the years? How do we manage the small instances of guilt that prick us today. The responsibility that we purchased, the responsibility that was thrust upon us. Did we make a distinction? Or did we club all responsibility in a single basket of convenience?

Did we really learn to live our lives? Did we do justice to the life that was supposed to be? Did our life become a slave in paying bills?

Did we do justice to our dreams? Is today that day?


8 thoughts on “Remains of the Day: 001

    • I believe we have choices, but our choices are directed, by various things. But right questions, we must ask, I agree. Because the right answer to a wrong question can be misleading knowledge.

      Welcome to Gaizabonts!


  1. I agree, I agree!….. i must admit that m eternally confused when it comes to this…million moments in one life….million choices in each moment….still the end remains distinctly identical……. or the end has part to play in all the moments?….something like boundry conditions of a well defined system….
    no idea how this is managed…

    Thanx for the welcome, you do charge up some sleeping neurons here n ther!


    • I guess there are no ready-made answers, really. We just find our own and live by them. Perhaps the end remains identical because we ‘copy’ the answers – time-tested, as they call it. Perhaps we do make all the choices and live alternate lives, a la Richard Bach?

      And you are most welcome. Keep those neurons busy! 🙂


  2. you said it in your first line. the fact that we realise we are HERE… is enough. the realisation that we ll be THERE… is enough. as long as this realisation remains with us every moment.


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