Theory of Comfort and Ownership

Change is Constant. Yes, you have heard that before, here on this blog, (and, I am sure various other places) when I wrote of how we are Victims of Comfort.

I am amused by the “Ten Million Against The New Facebook, Change It Back Campaign” on Facebook, asking, obviously, to change it back. I am not a sceptic, I don’t deny that the campaign may actually get Facebook to change its look, or at least provide an option to select which look you want to set for your Facebook. Starting from its Terms of Service, Facebook has always been in some sort of controversy or the other. Long time ago, there was this “warning” about Facebook. Most of us happily ignored it and signed up anyways, or continued to use Facebook.

I am amused because this is the nth invitation to a campaign against social sites. Needless to say, I haven’t joined. I vaguely recall a similar campaign when Facebook first changed its look and got a status bar at the bottom of the page. Then, there was this campaign against videos on Flickr. I am amused because we use these services for free. We use these services because we like them. There is always the option of walking away from something when you do not like what’s going on there.


Our investments in making something a part of our life hold us back, make us almost fanatical about how things should be. If it is a thing that you own, I would understand. But whether free (or not), after a while we feel that all things belong to us and we have an inalienable right on all things we own.

This extends beyond just Facebook and Flickr.


2 thoughts on “Theory of Comfort and Ownership

    • I guess it has become so much an integral part of our life, we behave as if we have fundamental rights over social media and such-like things. Our belief allows us such audacity.

      Not sure if it was ‘meant’ to be like that.


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