A Life in Between

I'd Like to be Yonder

There is a life we plan to make, and live it.
( )
Then, there is a life that happens and we tag-along.

Where I put the parentheses between the two sentences above, is that very small world, where we dwell; our reality. This world is a tense space, a continuing pulsation between the push and pull of the two sentences. Yet, somehow, that space never breaks, in spite of the pressures that surround it.

The space is an important separator between the two sentences — without that space, one of the sentences has to die. The two sentences cannot coexist.

We often threaten the second sentence. We sometimes ask the first sentence to go away. Nothing happens. We continue to live within the parentheses. More often than not, this is what happens with most lives.

But, some lives resign. They kill the first sentence.
And, some lives rebel. They kill the second sentence.

Their world becomes meaningful. Not just an empty bracket.


4 thoughts on “A Life in Between

  1. Wonderful.
    I’m still in that parentheses. Wondering which damn sentence to kill. And pondering if there is a chance to allow both of them to co-exist. Or just do away with all sentences, parentheses…
    So, which sentence did you kill, atul?


    • Thanks Vishwa. Co-existence is possible, I guess if there is no conflict between the two sentences, which usually isn’t the case. I haven’t yet killed any. Hopefully, soon, one will die.


  2. Doesn’t life shuffle between the two all the time?At times you rebel, at times you resign.

    Though the two lines here attract the most attention, it is what happens within those brackets that matters the most!


    • Yes, it does keep oscillating, shuffling. And to make that space there worthwhile and enjoyable, that space within the parentheses has to be free of the two tension points.


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