Sorry, Prannoy

I am really afraid of you now. And, no I am not being sarcastic. At all. I am afraid to write about the world around me as I see it. Which is the same as what you do; only, our mediums are different. There are others in my community that are willing to stand up and tell you why you are wrong or more such things. Not me; I am afraid.

I promise, that starting today I will not watch any NDTV channel, lest I see something on it that I feel like writing about.

You see, I have huge respect for you, since I have grown up on The World this Week and your election specials. That was, of course, a long time ago. You and Vinod Dua were our champions when we were trying to get a grip on the Indian political system. We learnt a lot from you, then.

I promise, that starting today I will not watch any NDTV channel, infact, I will block it on my DTH, lest I accidentally browse through it.

There must be a word for it, for sure. I am not quite sure if it would qualify as media-terrorism or legal-terrorism. But terror has struck our hearts for sure. Bloggers around the country will have to measure each word and qualify each post before they click “Publish”. Funny, that it applies to bloggers but not to mainstream media, but I digress.

I promise, that starting today I will not watch any NDTV channel; I do realise it may harm your TRP, but then what does one blogger viewer mean to NDTV?


9 thoughts on “Sorry, Prannoy

  1. I’d long stopped watching them–who cares to view looneys lecturing on and on about what’s wrong with the rest of the world, posing to be the sole-custodians of the health of the society?
    And with this controversy, they seem to have grabbed scoops of cowdund from the streets and smeared it all over their face. I’m following all the blog posts from the Desipundit page. One Interesting peice is the justification provided by barkha dutt on her facebook page. Reeks of pure arrogance!


  2. atul: i hardly watch TV, but now I want to watch it so that I won’t watch NDTV in particular! I actually prefer Aaj Tak. They don’t pretend to be anything!

    vishwa: can u post that justification here or
    somewhere? curious to read it.


  3. something has terribly gone wrong @ NDTV. Once Srinivasan offered my dad a tour of their studio in GK, Delhi. I was so looking forward to it then. Today i feel so ashamed of their version of real-time journalism. Although i must admit that i have developed a liking for TimesNow, somewhat strange for me given my dislike towards its parent company.


  4. @Vishwa:
    am with you on this. They just made it go from bad to worse!

    Agree @ aajtak. Very tolerable, by NDTV’s new standards!

    Vishwa has posted them, see above.

    Yes, TimesNow seem to be tempered, a bit! 🙂


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