Of Excitement

All new things are exciting. In some way or the other. But not all exciting things require that the excitement be overtly expressed. Sometimes you just allow yourself to be one with the excitement.

Perhaps age speaks here. Perhaps the assasination of all that was once exciting before. In the end it doesn’t matter.

You learn to be happy alone.


8 thoughts on “Of Excitement

  1. @Bhumika:
    Thank ye. Wonderfully said yourself! I guess I was in that mode!

    Whatever gave you the idea that I got meself a new phone?

    🙂 Then, “wisdom” is what strikes you at an innocent afternoon on an uneventful day! Am glad too!


  2. Q: Do we learn to be happy alone or do we realize eventually (with age, as you say) that you can only be happy, alone?
    Sharing your happiness with others is step 2, but step 1 i.e., that unadulterated gleam of joy you experience is just yours. Isn’t it ?


  3. @Girish:
    V pertinent Q. I believe we have within ourselves the ability to be happy. It is the sharing of happiness which we get addicted to. Then we forget that it is possible that we can be happy alone. Then, later (perhaps when age strikes), when we do not find people around, we access our native intelligence.

    Or something like that.


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