The Double 5

This year has been a bit difficult. Not-nice things have been sprinkled all through with amazing inconsistency, which did not allow any plan to take leave the runway according to convention.

Yet, it has been a good year, like any other. Nice things have also peeped between the curtains of not-nice things, once in a while. This year was also about some radical changes. Some obviously good and some waiting for the big picture that would shine the light of good on them.

Five Pounder

Five years is a long time for pretty much anything. And it definitely has been a long time blogging. (I do realise the previous sentence has an element of fatigue showing up, yet, I’ll let the sentence pass, even though I don’t mean it as such) Five years ago, with my first post, I had no idea what I was getting into and the enormous effect it will have on my life. Blogging has come to mean a lot for me, not the least because all my expression has found a way to be. I seem to have gone through all the phases that one might experience in five years: addiction, blocks, disgust, anger, creativity, boredom, excitement, and such. There will, perhaps, be more that I will encounter in the years that will follow.

And beyond the posts and comments, it becomes much larger in scope of how it touches your life. I have made friends I wouldn’t have otherwise made. My domain of thought and response has become much larger than it would have been otherwise.

The blog becomes your ePortfolio of life, of sorts.

And while it doesn’t say much, the five-hundredth post has to count for something.


14 thoughts on “The Double 5

  1. 500

    is huge.

    congratulations for the ability to stick with it. and this is as much a part of our lives as yours. thank you for sharing. and this doesn’t mean you stop šŸ™‚

    happy new year.


  2. a portfolio indeed. it is amazing how we keep changing, sometimes reverting back and moving forth.

    congratulations. it is indeed a splendid feat! and a very happy new year to you


  3. @Fish-with-a-P:
    Not really, if you think about it. A hundred posts a year, only. And thank you to *you all*. For making it worth.

    HNY to you too!

    Thanks Dharma!

    Thank ye! Didn’t *cheat* this time, but the Chaiwallah hasn’t noticed!


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