Jump Off the Fence

Grilled Perspective

It’s like being a double agent; a milder version.

Sitting on the fence, watching two sides.

One sits on a fence because he likes to watch, without being involved, which side is doing what (or perhaps which side is winning).

Another sits on the fence because he likes both sides. It’s that simple. When you do not want to take sides, you sit on the fence.

Someone sits on the fence because he doesn’t want to hurt either side’s sentiments by being seen as taking sides.

And yet another sits on the fence, fuelling both sides, misleading them — making both believe that he is on their side.

It is a safety and comfort zone thing, this, sitting on the fence. For some reason, I have always visualised this as a picket fence. Must be painful. But then, that’s me. People who do that irritate me to no extent. Because it crosses your ability to allow such humans to be as they are.

When multiple situations in your life pose the same answers, answers are easy to come by. Everywhere the answer seems to be obvious, yet you end up on the fence, wondering if each situation should be dealt differently or if there is a celestial conspiracy somewhere that is just giving you many examples and demonstrating how obvious the answer is.

It is painful; should get down from there. Take a stand.


6 thoughts on “Jump Off the Fence

  1. And the ones that sit on the fence end up judging and criticizing those on both sides. The safe cocoons of passive watching blinds them to the turmoil of the ones who have taken a stand.


  2. This is the perfect sentiment for my current situation. I am usually not timid at taking a stand, but with my current work situation I have been influenced heavily by fear.
    It’s a sickening place to be.
    I can’t live this way.


  3. @Citric:
    A friend once wrote about being “Way too Cozy”, of being victims of comfort. You may recall? I doubt if they are blind to it, they always like to “watch” the fun.

    πŸ™‚ It is definitely a sickening place to be. Jump off!


  4. I did jump. I jumped and the sickness in my stomach is now only the fear of failure, not the distaste of being used and lied to. At least in this current scenario, my life is in my own hands, and it’s better off there more than in the hands of people who I don’t trust or respect…


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