True Lies

An otherwise irrelevant piece of news caught my attention (after it caught the attention of the newspaper I read). Standard Chartered Bank purchased office space in Mumbai’s prime commercial locality for just below US$ 150 million. 275 thousand square feet of prime area.

In times when everything related to money is supposed to be depressing, this news made it to the front page and an inside page with analysis and interviews. Given that we have been asked to be depressed, this was almost blasphemy and ironically a joyous moment.

On Tuesday a new-found friend and I wondered, if people weren’t told about the so-called economic depression, would they be depressed in the first place.

This is how lies becomes truth. I have seen this happen often in life, and is not limited only to global crises.

Lines of Light

It all starts with a simple and minute distortion of truth, a very thin coat of vagueness on the absolute truth. There is no intent of malice, it is a sexed up version of what really is. At this time there is amusement about how it is presented and a laugh is on the cards, for those who know the truth in its nakedness. Ignored, this small distortion remains a silent and available bystander; never sheds of that paint.

On another day, the question is asked again, seeking the same truth that we are talking about. The person asking the question has a different perspective. The truth eagerly adopts that perspective and bends even more without breaking or creaking. The coat of vagueness becomes thicker. The presentation is discotheque-ed and perspectivised further. It becomes sexy. It starts going further away from home. Someone else picks up this painted truth, which hardly resembles its original face and re-presents it in another context.

On another day, the question is asked yet again…

On another day, the question is asked yet again…

As days go by, the truth travels far away from home. It retains its original character but has lost its identity in changing personality. It becomes malleable and ductile to the whims of the present context and perspective. The original is beyond recognition. Those that decorated it with vagueness and distortion slowly refuse to acknowledge the original face; eventually they forget it. The mask becomes the face. We start believing the distortion. After a few hundred times, we even stand by the distortion; defend it.

Truth becomes lies and becomes a new truth again.


7 thoughts on “True Lies

  1. @Abhijeet:
    So, it becomes an adjective for the purpose of…?

    Yes, it depends; there is always a context. Preservation of truth is what we can do? But then, who will recognise or want to hear it?

    They are street lights. In a long exposure with a really wobbly camera! 🙂


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