Writing, but Not

Sleeping Pot

A while ago, the dreaded B-word found an unusual way to express itself. The one who has renewed his vows had advice for me then:

[…] blocks are healthy. they’re a sign that we’re probably doing the same thing over and again, and need to re-examine […]

This time it is different. Words aren’t as treacherous this time; it is an adventure of the mind and the directions of its many questions. Each answer produces a question and more. The answers themselves fade away before they can complete themselves. The questions are for me and about me; for you and about you.

Not all questions will be answered. Some of them may never come up for answering. Some answers will become irrelevant by the time they come up for hearing. Some answers will not be accepted. Some will be debated to death. In this answer-circus, the questions themselves don’t stop. Questions don’t wait for answers.

Answers cannot stop, cannot ask for a breather. They will have to come without considering their fate. They will have to come, else there will only be questions.

And even though the answers strive to fill, the emptiness remains


5 thoughts on “Writing, but Not

  1. Thoughts..concrete thoughts.. about concrete objects.. about abstract concepts. Abstract thoughts of abstract concepts.. Well, nice to see all that take a shape in the form of words and pictures on your blog.

    Gives the goosebumps sometimes, makes one ponder sometimes. All apart, makes one sit up and notice.. and applaud.. silently, verbally.


  2. You have the knack of leaving this one line in the middle of the post that stays with the reader long after the post is read.

    “Questions don’t wait for answers…And even though the answers strive to fill, the emptiness remains.”



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