When Digital Disaster Strikes

What is the degree of possibility (I know, degree is associated more with probability than possibility, yet) that your life is contained in the binary notation of a hard-disk? It will vary. From you to me. As lives become more digitally stored and lived, a hard-disk crash can account for a major event in your life.

Funnily, an “Invalid Node Error” occurring on a hard-disk is covered by a three-year warranty through an email residing on the corrupt hard-disk. Talk about irony.

I can almost imagine the dialogue when I take the machine to a service centre.

Losing access to your digital self can be daunting. And I have experienced it twice in the last three months. After the initial seven-minute itch, this time however, I was very normal. So here I am, back on paper, writing for an online medium, staring at a handwriting that has gone really bad.

In my mind, I pose a few questions in front of the mirror.

What is the value of an identity? Is it itself or does it become the medium that makes it possible? Do you travel the world from the confines of your desk, or do you go to the world? The classic hardware/software supremacy argument. When and how did the vehicle become more important than the passenger? Why do we admire the vehicle more than the one who drives it? Why do we decide the character of a person by the vehicle he drives, rather than (for example) how he drives it?

My camera wails for a day out.
My books scream to be out of cardboard boxes.
My movies beg to be seen.
My self yearns to live in my land.

In a single day I have experienced a wild roller-coaster of emotion sets.

From a crashed hard-disk to owning my new car in a span of four hours.

The evolution of verbiage in this post and the metaphors, you will acknowledge are just a natural coincidence.


4 thoughts on “When Digital Disaster Strikes

  1. The fact that online groups have won the sobriquet of “communities” speaks for itself. Sure, the online phenomenon has made the world a smaller place but in the bargain, technological wizardry has gained the upper hand. Ergo, you stay informed about a whole lot of things but know very little. You build an identity that rests on the medium rather than the self. Ironically, we call it progress.

    Thought-provoking post indeed!


  2. Very inspiring. IT never felt like that to me. Digital disaster in personal life is something that will be known only if the person who faces it says it out. With the vehicle itself in problem, what would the person do? Use somebody else’s vehicle or change to a new vehicle. Your new vehicle was a distinct new hardware asset purchase for the entire body movement over the minor hardware at allows you to move your mind through your kap. I hope I made sense 🙂


  3. ==Bhumika:
    Perfectly put @ “you stay informed about a whole lot of things but know very little” Couldn’t have said it better.

    Thank you!

    Thank you! except for the “kap”, you did make sense…


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