To be Neutered

So that you may not be aghast, let’s start with the dictionary meaning. Of the various meanings for this word, to be neutered means, to render ineffective; deprive of vigor or force.

Now that we have set the stage, let the show begin. If possible, read this post from an asexual point of view.

The most virile of beings, in spite of all the virility possible can easily be neutered. Just take away from the being, its sense of being. From a flower, it’s fragrance and colour, from a car, its engine, from movie its screenplay and rendition.

I saw Vasudev Balwant Phadke (2008), (Review Pending Completed) yesterday. This was a much awaited movie, given my insatiable greed for historic portrayals. Even if they do not adhere to the facts; the inaccurate ones. I was disappointed. I have seen Marathi films come of age. VBP was definitely not in the same lineage. Specifically, the item song did it for me, generally, the dull characterisation did it in.

The full review will come soon, but the conclusion of this movie resulted in the eruption of many a question.

What is the true character of man? A Facebook profile and tagged photos? What is the true character of man? His belief system? And unless you know the true character of man, you will never be able to break it, neuter it. There may be occasions when you may sense victory over an apparent dilution of behaviour. That, however, is a passing phase. To gloat at that instance as a permanent victory is the mark of your inflated ego.

The Last Bench?

Some men are immensely susceptible to be neutered; easy targets. The others, endure. These two very different personalities may be serving the same cause. True character is deep-rooted in a belief system. You can change their environment or change their life; the character is infallible. How they will react to the change you cause will vary. What will not change is the end result; they will hold on — to their belief system that defines their character.

For someone who believes beyond death, all you will derive of neutering them is momentary glee. When their true character is revealed, you will be horrified.

A silent tribute to the anonymous believers; beings full of character, past, present and future.


7 thoughts on “To be Neutered

  1. your interpretation of being neutered made me think about parenting in reference to this post. how important (and difficult) would it be for parents to insist on a certain belief system and yet not curb their child’s innate way of thinking, reacting and opining… some parents actually ‘neuter’ their child’s freedom of expression..


  2. A delightful post and a fresh perspective.

    What if the ones that falter and give you the momentary glee recovers? Does it still matter that they hold their belief intact? Or once compromised, is it lost forever?

    Your posts evoke interesting lines of thought.


  3. What a brilliant post Atul.

    I see a chain of thoughts here – from talking about character to a take on social networking sites to the fight of expression v/s traditionalism. It surely leaves me with more questions than answers, as usual.

    Loved the pic you’ve used here that connotes death, resting in peace, coming down to nothingness…


  4. This is a great post. I wonder, though, if it is the belief system itself that makes the man, or the dedication, sincerity, and efficiency of carrying out the belief system? I can think of people from many different, sometimes even conflicting, belief systems who are admirable.

    Maybe it’s at the level of meta-belief system that true character lies?

    In any case, you have me thinking, as always. ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. ==Gauri:
    In a way it is true. I guess it happens all through a child’s life. The ‘original neutering’ if you may. Belief systems for life are based on this?

    Thank ye!

    Like glass, I would say. (I know it’s clichรฉd). If it is just a crack (the faltering) then perhaps you can carry on, given the glass (the belief system) is intact. I guess, however, you carry that obvious ‘cracked glass’ all your life. Makes sense?

    Thank ye too!

    In reading my post again and the very thoughtful comments here, I must say I am a bit surprised that my thought did come through. I was thinking this one would be generally remembered as a general abstract post! ๐Ÿ™‚

    A belief system defines a man; the dedication, commitment and sincerity makes the man. Accepting a conflicting belief system gives more integrity to your own. It is never a particular belief system that defines the character, but having and executing one that defines and makes you.

    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚


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