Can’t Think Straight – II

Way back, I had silently (but not so deftly, I got to know later) ducked a tag from Amit. Just once, mind you. The ghost of that dead tag haunts me often.

I squirm when I am awarded and fidget when I am to award. It is good therefore, that I am not often present on judging panels. I am willing to take on the burden of another shadow following me. Another ghost. Like the earlier one, I shall bow out of this, even if I am not graceful enough.

While I can write a lot, I cannot write about what other people write — especially for the purpose of an award. I read a lot of blogs. More than those that are listed on my blogroll. And given the nature of the blogs I read, I continue to believe, there is something sacred about them that isn’t open to comparison or judgement.

And, Shankari (and Det-Res), though this doesn’t seem very graceful, I am, however, very grateful; I mean it.


3 thoughts on “Can’t Think Straight – II

  1. I think I know what you mean. It took me over 3 weeks to even acknowledge D for the “award”.

    After reading several posts on this award doing the round, I felt like it was just another meme not to mention a good way to let others know what their blog means to me.

    It is not fun. Like you said we read so many blogs for so many reasons that it is hard to be objective and fair some times.


  2. ==DR:
    Glad. And I know what you mean @ letting others know what their blog means to you. I guess, there are different ways of doing that.

    Gratefully acknowledged, as I said before. *Bows* And you are most welcome @ getting Gaizabonts back. And I am not being just ceremonious, when I say: The pleasure is all mine!


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