Being Vulnerable

I have never known how to react when a personal attack occurs. When a comment is made about your being. My natural instinct has been to keep quiet, take it in, mull it for while, and leave it for later.

Warrior Art - 9

The word attack is perhaps a strong one. What I talk of is, however, close. Very close.

There are people in the world who cannot comprehend the expanse, content, or the essence of a life. They see the obvious bits and pieces and pass terminal statements. Reverse binocular perception, I like to call that. They see the bits and believe that to be the world; their limited vision is all that they can fathom.

On this basis, they become the guardians of the truth; an incomplete truth — one devoid of context. And they cherish this non-contextual truth. Only because it offers them the liberty to pass an easy statement; not a judgement; just a statement, bereft of analysis.

I would, perhaps, pay attention to these comments if they carried with them, even the least semblance of authority. But a statement, bankrupt of any position, loaded with a conspicuous malice and intent to hurt, is just a set of words, lost in purpose.

We are all vulnerable at certain times. Irrespective of that, everybody has a right to attack. The character of the attacker is defined in the nature, content and the time of the attack. That will tell you a lot about the character of the person who has attacked.

In that moment, however, how you react, will tell volumes of who you are.


10 thoughts on “Being Vulnerable

  1. Hi Atul,
    Thanks for dropping by. glad you liked it, it was my little brother who did it for me. I tried shifting to wordpress a while ago, but I cannot add third party applications unless I have a premium account. I like the theme you have used, are you using their premium service?


  2. One evening my daughter (she was 4 then) and I were walking in a very crowded traditional market. Suddenly it appeared that one man was movinig purposefully towards us – I saw it thru my peripheral vision and felt it would be foolish to think it was an attack on us, so kept walking at the same pace, on the same path. Suddenly he was so close to me and I saw that he was a vagabond and looked mad too. Before I could sied-step him, in a moments time, he SPAT at me- on my face. I just gave my daughter’s hand in mine a reassuring grip and then used my dupatta to wipe my face and continued walking.

    My daughter was obviously upset and I didn’t want to upset her any further and I rationalised that there was no point in trying to reason or remonstrate with a mad man.

    Often I think of that incident and wish I could react just as coolly to the personal attacks made on me by the so-called sane people and stay on my path and maintain my pace.

    Alas, I haven’t reached that kind of equanimity yet – wonder if I ever will?!

    So what does that say about me? Is there hope?

    (Thanks for yet another thought provoking post)


  4. ==Shankari:
    That sounds like a very bad incident.

    I have often struggled with seeing the thin line that differentiates taking the higher-ground and being weak. It is a very difficult line to see and understand. There is huge amount of churning of justification that we do, often, to make right, our decision, in that moment. In the end, I guess, who we are (or remain) is the final proof of whether we have recognised that “line” and reached that equanimity, as you call it.

    As regards, hope, it is always there. šŸ™‚

    Though, you may recall, I am not a huge believer in hope! šŸ˜‰


  5. How I look at it : Take what matters to you and if that comment is not worth it.. just ignore it.. makes the world a better place.. have been blogging for a while and met all kinds of comments.. šŸ™‚ and watched blog wars.. and all that crap.. at the end of the day.. I figured.. no response is the best response.. and there is this beautiful thing called moderate and delete which works well for me.. šŸ™‚

    to me.. To be weak is not important .. to know my weakness and make it my strength or to just take care of the triggers… to keep me from feeling vulnerable without any armor.. is what I strive for… havent succeeded totally.. but I keep trying.. šŸ™‚


  6. ==Pallavi:
    Yes, that’s exactly how it works (and how it should). Bringing things out in the open when they don’t need to, causes undue stress to everybody around. Absolutely agree @ moderate & delete! šŸ˜€

    As regards the weakness thing, it is really a perception thing. Is well said by Dharmendra in some Salman Khan movie, “Do not mistake our decency for weakness”


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