As If

There is a mystery that surrounds the Stonehenge. More so, the purpose of it. Why was it built, everyone asks. There are theories, some plausible too, but the mystery remains.

It’s a nice thing some times, not to know. Imagination runs wild.


It is also a mystery why we suddenly start living a lifetime in a week, after being in a place for years. Like taking in everything possible before we are far from it for good, or at least for a long time. Even an extra five minutes starts making the difference of a lifetime, and we possess it, for those five minutes, hold it close to the heart so that no wind may blow it away empty; no rain may wet it to nothingness.

Time, is everything, I have come to believe. The centre of the universe and our lives.

And while tomorrow is new bright and sunny day, today is all we have. We extract the maximum of today.

We live today, as if there is no tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “As If

  1. ‘even those extra five minutes’
    the lines ring so true. my father said those who wake up early are at an advantage of about two hours of lifetime each day compared to people like me :(..


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