Obviously So

For obvious reasons, I am being pulled back to my posts from three years ago. They are making strange meaning to me. I am reminded of the book by Richard Bach, Running from Safety. (A book I have left half-read, one that shall I get back to, pun intended)

I said I’ll Stay, which of course led to a thought that Home is not a Model. And I think, I summed it up well as I sat on A Cold Seat.

Though, I doubt if I’ll write such a post, for sometime now.

That is another wonder of having a blog, and for a long time, too. All your thoughts are available to you.

You can have conversations with yourself!


8 thoughts on “Obviously So

  1. ==R:
    Funny you should say that. Someone said something similar on Selaphor, my interim blog. But you should know, of all people, that I do speak with humans (if you can call “some of” them that, i.e.)
    šŸ˜› yourself!


  2. Funnily I dont like going back to old posts unless they are written well. And anyway I have conversations with myself. In my head. šŸ˜›


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