Thank You!

This one instance, words fail me. It has happened before in mild doses; this time the experience is acute.

In the last two days, I have experienced extremely emotional events. In short, on the morning of the 6th my blog was hacked into, on the evening of the 7th, I got back my blog. That’s really short, but that is all that happened, when you think of it.

A lifetime occurred in those thirty-six hours.

For a long time now, I hadn’t created a new blog. There was lack of purpose. In the 36hrs, I created a new blog. Selaphor. Selaphor is Gaizabont’s crusading cousin. Determined to get back the sibling. And now that its purpose has been achieved, what of it? It will keep that purpose. For there may be others who will need help. Selaphor is a blog about blogging, now.

While I don’t yet have access to my gmail (they are investigating), I am glad I have Gaizabonts back. After a while, the blog becomes an integral part of your self. That tells you know how much it can hurt — your blog being taken away.

First thanks, to my non-blogger friend for ensuring the first response to WordPress on my behalf, Det-Res and Jolvin for their posts, informing fellow bloggers about the event. The TeaMaker for his solid support and thoughts. People around me, who heard my tale of woe and helped in their own ways. Thank you for taking my call, listening to me.

Very grateful to Amit, for introducing me to Jalsa.Jilpa, a kindred spirit, who experienced exactly the same thing that I did. Jalsa.Jilpa’s instant response helped immensely. He has agreed to allow me to publish his ideas; watch Selaphor.

Lloyd, Noel, Douglas (my hero) and Hanni, what can I say about you guys? I got back my blog in 24hrs. I have said it once and will never tire saying it. The fine folks at WordPress are amazing beings. If knowing how to run a blog service is a rock, you are my Gibraltar.

Then of course, all of you, reading this now. How could I give up with you guys standing so firm?

A last, all-encompassing, thankful thought for S, who ensured I kept my sanity throughout; especially in the first few hours. Forced me to come out of shock and follow a rational path.

Normalcy is restored. This is the last post on Gaizabonts about this event.

12 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. I agree with you, no reason to dignify an act by talking much of it. How ever some pointers towards how this can be prevented and what precautions fellow bloggers can take would be nice. Also any lessons you learnt we would love to know.

    Actually a big thank you to you!


  2. Great. Believe it or not, it is such a small world here. I got back here from blog-hopping my way to Jalsa-Jilpa and wondering how what happened there compared with you and found it led me back here. πŸ˜€

    Wow Gaizabonts and the rest and please explain just how you think this happened and then the recovery. It would not only be educational but may actually be therapeutic for you.

    All the very best πŸ™‚


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