Of Betrayal

Oft seen in movies — the woman who leaves the man for money; the man who leaves the woman because he refuses to face up to a challenge (or the other way round, if you are sensitive to gender issues). Sometimes experienced in a relationship. Instances abound in history, for land, country and freedom — usually ideological. In war situations; by an act of cowardice.

Most often, however, encountered with money and power; whether in a relationship, history, work or everyday life.

Betrayal, however, implies trust, did you ever think about it? Without trust there cannot be betrayal. Betrayal preys on trust. Whether intended or otherwise, the transaction that causes betrayal is the same as a transaction that causes trust; only it is in the opposite direction. This U-turn is a path of no return. Trust is never possible again. The act may be forgiven and life may continue, but trust doesn’t have nine lives. When it dies, it dies for good.

There can be no real revenge for betrayal. You cannot betray back — there is no trust left. There can, perhaps be forgiveness, but the nag remains, the walls stand taller and stronger now.

Or there is complete detachment.


6 thoughts on “Of Betrayal

  1. Am back to your blog after a long time, and this post caught my attention. The reason was the headline – betrayal. I cannot think of the topic from a personal perspective, but these lines did apply to what I think, sometimes –
    “Trust is never possible again. The act may be forgiven and life may continue, but trust doesn’t have nine lives. When it dies, it dies for good.”

    I sure agree with you there.


  2. Complete detachment is hard when the walls are taller and stronger. There is always that little voice of reason or a bitter memory that never lets one completely break away. One keeps it not to bridge the gaps but to always be on alert.


  3. ==Shini:
    Welcome Back! Glad you do! 🙂

    Actually, the walls help that detachment. They make you impervious to the exposure; in a way. Of course, you have to be able to shed the bitter experience (rather than memories) and chuck them on the other side, before you build them walls. The memory will remain and it is a good reminder – only, not worth dwelling upon.

    🙂 Thank you, frankly, I have no idea. I guess they come with the flow?


  4. Interesting point of Betrayal and Trust being two sides of the same coin. I just think the easier we trust the easier we are betrayed. Some learn and build walls that are higher so that they can believe they will not get betrayed easily because they no longer trust easily.


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