Nails, Clippers and Aid

God said, let there be growth.

And there was abundant growth all over. Every thing grew. Fingernails even.

God said, let there be some control, however.

And there were inventions in abundance. Nail clippers, for example. But not everybody used them. They did not listen to the word of God. The over-smart people used overgrown finger-nails to cut other overgrown finger-nails, while watching a movie.

Then of course, things go wrong and you “hand-clip” a nail more than required; it bleeds!

God, ever-forgiving stupidity, said, let there be Band-Aid.

Thank God!


11 thoughts on “Nails, Clippers and Aid

  1. ==EU/Sharmista:
    Just some of my whacky observations on the nuances of life – it isn’t philosophical or such!
    Have updated the post, for some more context


  2. ==AFJ:
    You are welcome, glad, I could do justice!

    Welcome back! Long time. See? Glad to find a kindred spirit!

    Ah yes, last few times it has been a ‘nail-on-the-head’ πŸ˜›


    Trust you to be smarty-pants about that! Loved it!


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